NFOP x Kometenmelodien: copeland, Jabu, and Lief Hall at Berghain Kantine

25 Nov 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Very honoured to have been given to curate the next edition of Kometenmelodien's precious concert series at Berghain Kantine, happening Wednesday next week, December 3rd. For the night, we've chosen some absolute NFOP darlings, familiar to anyone who has been following this website over the past years or who's even just periphally interested in cutting-edge pop music one and a half decades into the third millenium: Young Echo members Amos Childs and Alex Rendall aka Jabu are coming across the Channel for a rare live rendition of their sublime blend of Child's productions informed by Bristol's boundless heritage and Rendall's soft-spoken vocal intervention, before (Inga) copeland is blessing Berlin for the first time since releasing her superb debut full-length Because I'm Worth It earlier this year. The night will be opened by Berlin-based artist Lief Hall, who will present her new live set that she first performed live on our BCR show back in April – revisit the stream below.

We're giving away 1x2 guest list spots for next week's show. Just write an email with the subject "copeland" to before Friday, November 28th, at 12pm.

Find more details about the event over on Facebook.