4UCKY: “1984 (I Want More)”.

31 Jul 2011 — Henning Lahmann
No clue who might be behind the rather cryptic moniker 4UCKY, but this sounds and looks all surprisingly slick and professional, hardly like something any bedroom amateur could have come up with. Be that as it may, of course there's no direct evidence that this extremely intriguing late night jam was not composed by some freshman. Anyway, in the mail that came along with the link, the artist described this stuff as a "pop-electronic exploration of the darkest side of 1980's pop culture" - and no doubt here's a lot of 80s attitude to be found, but it's that decade's style and technique looked at from a distinctive 2011 angle. That aside, 1984 (I Want More marks nothing less than an astonishing debut (if it is a debut), and it unfolds its enchanting effect further and further with each listen. Mind my words, we've got someone to keep a close eye on here. I have your body but I want more. 4UCKY - 1984 (I Want More)