AlunaGeorge “Attracting Flies”

27 Feb 2013 — Parker Bruce

AlunaGeorge's Aluna Francis kind of summed it all up recently, telling Digital Spy that 'when the album's out, there's going to be a full spectrum of music there. I don't think it's going to propel us into some other planetary pop world, because some of the songs are immediate, but some need listening to a few times'. "Attrating Flies", the duo's latest single, definitely belongs to the 'immediate' category. It’s all big thwacking drums and cooing wind instrument solos, sounding a bit like the recent output of Kate Boy and Syron or Sean Kingston and even Rihanna. In the same interview, Aluna also pointed to their focus on 'really intricate beats' – however, while this might indeed well have become AlunaGeorge's trademark, this time, things are way more straightforward: "Attracting Flies" makes you want to get down on it Solange Knowles-style. Through their music, AlunaGeorge are teaching us how to get reaquainted with our own bodies; hence the forthcoming LP's name, Body Music. They started us off slowly with 'really intricate beats' – but by now we've learned enough from their EPs and singles to be finally able to reach full movement.

"Attracting Flies" will be available March 10. Body Music is due July 1.