Anenon “Sunsets and Clocks”

26 Mar 2013 — Henning Lahmann

We first came across LA resident and Non Projects head Brian Allen Simon aka Anenon sometime last year, when Laurel Halo re-imagined his excellent "This Is What I Meant", from his Inner Hue LP, for Ad Hoc's seminal compilation. Simon's latest work under the Anenon guise is the upcoming Sunsets and Clocks EP, a four-track piece originally made for a japan tour of Japan together with Leaving Records mastermind and fellow LA artist Matthewdavid. The four tracks further the composer's tested formula of lingering yet complex ambient soundscapes and more upbeat, if mostly still somber, explorations of multilayered beat constructs. On the title track, which falls into the latter category, what's most striking is the expert employment of some delightful sacophone licks and subtle string phrases that manage to carry the tune into different sonic spheres. Highly recommended, take a listen below.

Sunsets and Clocks is out April 16 via Non Projects.