Anna Meredith “R-Type”

30 Nov 2015 — Andrew Darley

On the second single from her debut album, Anna Meredith sweeps listeners into a frantic ride. "R-Type" slowly shuffles in before its relentless beat catapults it into an ascending frenzy of spaceships bleeps and reverberating, writhing guitar. The multi-instrumentalist and composer from Scotland makes an stridently confident statement with this single. There’s a joy and punk spirit in the way she structures the space and progressively builds momentum within her songs, previously seen on her bombastically brassy "Nautilus" single. The beaten-out urgent live drum halfway-through is thrilling set against her intergalactic dance. When "R-Type" takes off, it brings us somewhere else.

Anna Meredith’s debut album Varmints is out in March 2016 on Moshi Moshi.