Baby Lips: “No Blood”.

27 Jun 2011 — Henning Lahmann
Charleston, South Carolina's Mirror Universe gained some decent interweb fame when the widely buzzed-about so-called "cassette revival" seriously took off sometime between the summer of 2009 and this, mainly due to the coincident hype around chillwave/glo-fi that initially happened to involve quite a few South Carolina artists, most significantly Toro Y Moi and Washed Out who both had their first releases on Mirror Universe in July and September 09, respectively. Both tapes are of course long sold out now, and since the buzz around that certain microgenre has started to fade it has gotten rather quiet around the small imprint, which of course doesn't imply that they've stopped dropping gems on magnetic material. To the contrary, without a big fuss the dudes have kept on doing what they do best, unearthing the most incredible new leftfield pop stuff both homegrown and from across the States or even the world (most notably releases by His Clancyness and the heart-melting Weakend by Yu(c)k/Oupa), and they've hardly ever failed. Baby Lips belong in the "homegrown" category. Charleston-based Joel T. Hamilton (who also has a solo project) and his girlfriend have just dropped their debut C26 Nineteen Ninety Ching via MU, and it's just another proof of the imprint's impeccable sense for rad fresh voices. Sporting rather peculiar outfits on stage, the duo has created five baroque pop tunes that despite their obviously lo-fi production means feature an almost pompous demeanor, constantly leaning towards the dark side with opaque organ melodies and eerie, at times deliberately clownesque vocals. A very worthwhile debut altogether, and another pleasant surprise hailing from the Old South. The tape is available for pre-order over here. You may also stream/purchase it digitally via Baby Lips' bandcamp. Baby Lips - No Blood