Beach Fossils “Generational Synthetic” + “Careless”

16 Jan 2013 — Trey Reis

The last time I heard anything from Beach Fossils was a show in Portland in 2011 near the end of their tour following the release of their What a Pleasure EP. They were a young band at their end of their wits and the singer even hinted at a really bloody fist fight that had happened the night before between the lead guitarist and the bassist. Now, two years later, to my surprise, Beach Fossils has returned from a near TKO with this single, “Careless”, from their upcoming Captured Tracks album, Clash the Truth.

"Careless" maintains all the elements of that Beach Fossils heavy reverb monotone delivery over waves of jangling guitars, but this time sounds decidedly more 90’s rock than bedroom pop. It’s a step of refinement. And if it’s any indicator of the whole of Clash the Truth, it seems we can expect something more like an album this time around, rather than a collection of songs.

Below are two new tracks off Clash the Truth, out on February 19th via Captured Tracks.