Blizzardo “River Rouge (Motion Studies Remix)”

22 Jan 2013 — Henning Lahmann


As New York's Pete Feigenbaum is apparantly not the guy who'd suppress any creative urge the minute an idea pops into his mind, the former Titus Andronicus touring guitarist and Dinowalrus founder dipped into more electronic realms the other day with his solo project Blizzardo, an endeavour that shows some deep understanding of early dance culture somewhere between Chicago and the Hacienda that frequently lands not far from mid-noughties NYC dance punk – think LCD Soundsystem et al. – only with less emphasis on punk and more on straight up, four-to-the-floor nightclub vigour. One of his latest tracks, the excellent, highly addicitve "River Rouge" (recently acclaimed over at XXJFG), which features a fine vocal sample by Ava Luna's Felicia Douglass taken from an upcoming Dinowalrus track, now got the remix treatment by Brooklyn-based producer Tyler McCauley aka Motion Studies. On his reinterpretation, McCauley drops most of the original's acidic ingredients and punk-ish dancefloor furor in favour of a slightly more subtle and playful approach that is still very much made for freaking out to, if that happens to be your intention anyway. 

Check out the visuals as well, courtesy of Michael Potvin, and the track's original version below: