Campfires “Fortune Teller”

18 Dec 2012 — Andrew Wagner


Lo-fi great Campfires (aka Portland via Chicago’s Jeff Walls) just released a summery new song, "Fortune Teller". The track is the first single off of Campfires’ upcoming LP, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, which will be released on Fire Talk this coming February. "Fortune Teller" is a lovely little jam, complete with jangly guitars and ‘60s beach-pop vibes. Campfires sound a little more cleaned up here than on their past output, but it’s just enough to let us better appreciate the simple pleasures of his pop intricacies while still retaining his characteristic haziness. A much needed burst of sunshine in the midst of cold winter months.

Pre-orders for a limited edition vinyl pressing of Tomorrow, Tomorrow (which comes with a hand screened jacket from Campfires himself) can be placed here.