Cankun: “Your Fingers the Snakes”.

29 Apr 2011 — Henning Lahmann
French imprint Hands In The Dark Records is about to drop the mind-blowing new full-length by Cankun, the still fairly new project by Archers by the Sea's Vincent Caylet. The eleven-track Ethiopian Dreams might be the most delightful and coherent work of psychedelic/lo-fi/h-pop to surface this year so far, all in all it's a surprisingly sundrenched, slacker-friendly aural pleasure all the way, with Caylet's splendid technique of layering his lush guitar phrases and synth patterns over reduced and mellow beats. Ethiopian Dreams comes on CD with two different cover artworks, the one shown above by the esteemed collage wizard Jheri Evans, the other one by Valerian Marguery. 50 copies each, pre-order yours now over here. Cankun - Your Fingers the Snakes