Ciara “Ride (Headaches Casserole Clusterfuck)”

10 Jan 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

Usually remembered by people who meet him as 'that hilarious bearded Canadian dude', Brooklyn's Landon Speers can also be caught in a somewhat more deliberate mood, as seen on stage as Headaches (below) or visually through his magnificent photographic eye (above). Growing up side by side with our friends of Born Gold, Kuhrye-oo and Purity Ring in Edmonton, their heads were naturally overflowing with creative ideas as the glacial winters snuck in over the landscape; soon to be known as some of the finest souls and electronic bands/producers we've seen emerging from Canada the last couple of years. We have faith in Landon being the next in line, producing supremely fine beats in a cold, baroscopic outfit.

Listen to his brand new "casserole clusterfuck" remix of Ciara's "Ride" below, and don't forget to read the interview with him over at Portals