Compilation: “Dark Side Of Pop”.

31 Jan 2012 — Tonje Thilesen
In courtesy of the Polish netlabel Cowshed Records, we were last week briefly introduced to the 19-track compilation Dark Side Of Pop, of which you might already have guessed features darker soundscapes of electronic pop, including exclusive tracks from a fine selection of producers and acts on a highly international level. Amongst the contributors are also NFOP favourites Pleq, Sun Glitters and Saskatchewan, but also some exciting new discovers such as UK's Face+Heel or Polish residents Body Spam, to mention a few. All though a great part of Dark Side Of Pop is centered around the deep, industrial sound with an obvious relation to the so-called witch house genre, it also proves to spin in a more interesting, almost brighter distance. Here, the Italian shoegaze trio Port-Royal provides with the stargazing listen "Electric Tears (Nothing's Gonna Change)", while Electric Fitness on the other hand dives further down into beauty in his remix of "Our Falling Snow" by Copenhagen's Sleep Party People. Below, we've picked out some of our favourites from the compilation, which you can also download for free if you follow this link. Pleq - Chamber Port-Royal - Electric Tears (Nothing's Gonna Change) Sun Glitters - Things Are Vortex Rikers - Serenade (hidden track) Face+heel - White Chalk