Dakota Bones “Dracula’s Castle”

26 Feb 2013 — Will Stevens

As an individual track, "Dracula’s Castle" plays as a silver-tongued late night mover with an infectious funky synth baseline. As the track unfolds, layers of textural synth samples are added, creating an archetypical progressive Detroit techno-inspired record. But for the track to be fully appreciated, it has to be played within the context of the whole album. Ø has an evocative quality, as it plays as a medley of sounds from the past. Each track has its own distinctive reminiscent feature created through its own blend of samples and live performances. Whether it’s the psychedelic "Morning One" that features Dakota Bones’ vocals and sampled country guitars, or the percussive-heavy "Different Moons" with its vehement use of the saxophone. Some of the tracks may lose their originality when played alone, but as an album, it’s an engrossing listen full of surprises.

Ø will be released on cassette via the brilliant MJ MJ Records, who are always able to release unique records that arrive as excellent products. It's part of the label’s DNA and it somehow makes the listener feel totally a part of its journey. Get Ø over here.