Dean Blunt “Papi”

30 Jan 2013 — Henning Lahmann


So new Dean Blunt tracks are being premiered on Pitchfork these days. Anyone else thinks that's remarkable? On the other hand, written by Ms Saxelby, so everything makes sense again. But more than that, with "Papi", Blunt continues to provide evidence that he in fact is one of the most gifted contemporary pop producers (I believe I've mentioned that before), something the very first Hype Williams material back in 2009 at most hinted at, to put it this way. Here, the delicate Pink Floyd sample is employed in a faithful manner probably last encountered in some late nineties trip hop lullaby, but before you get all too comfortable, the song (and a proper song it could well have become) gets deconstructed by way of a slightly eerie and disturbing countdown that leaves you warily wondering what could happen next. Sure, this has very much become Blunt's shtick by now, but I assume it speaks for his craft that it still gets me every time.

"Papi" is the first track taken from Blunt's upcoming The Redeemer, out May 1 via Hippos In Tanks and World Music.