Deekie - “Happy & Wrong”.

26 Sep 2012 — Magnus
The duo known as Deekie excel at creating drone-like dream pop sounds. Hailing from London, they've been making music under the radar since 2010. Just after the arrival of the autumn equinox comes their new release, the Euphonious EP. It's perfect timing, too, because the five tracks utilize wintery sounds like slightly dissonant ringing of bells and reverb-laden male and female vocals. "Happy & Wrong" sums up much of what Deekie accomplishes as a band. Innocent singing starts out the track, followed by an uptempo drum beat with monotonous reed instruments backing the song. Euphonious EP is available in pay-what-you-want format over at the duo's bandcamp page, along with the rest of their material. Check out "Happy & Wrong" and the equally worthwhile "Stay Behind" below.