Preview: DJ Rashad “Rollin EP”

26 Feb 2013 — Warren O'Neill

During Hyperdub boss Kode9’s excellent set at the recent CTM Festival, he played a couple of tracks that really caught my ear but I had no idea when or from whom they came from. A mix of jungle and juke drumming overlain with plaintive R&B vocals, there was something about them that felt modern and unique. Luckily, early last week when Hyperdub uploaded clips of their new release, I was happy to find these were just the tracks I had been searching for.

Composed by Juke heavyweight DJ Rashad with appearances by fellow Chicagoans DJ Spinn and DJ Manny, the Rollin EP will hopefully further legitimise the genre of juke and show people that house is not the only good kind of club music coming from the city. And certainly, this record feels a lot more forward-thinking than most of what is coming out of the current nostalgia laden house scene.

The Rollin EP is scheduled for release on March 18 on Hyperdub. Digital versions can be purchased directly from the label and the vinyl will be available from all good record stores.