Download Moon Glyph’s free Compilation

31 Oct 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Formerly Minneapolis, now Oakland-based imprint Moon Glyph, responsible for so many favourites on the shelves of the NFOP office, has unveiled a new compilation to showcase the label's stunning 2012 roster. The two-part selection, which is available for free download on the MG website, is entitled Opal Vol.I & II and features 26 fresh tracks by many artists that our readers will be familiar with, including The New Lines, Velvet Davenport, The Garment District, Deep Earth, Food Pyramid, Deep Magic, M. Sage, Meadowlands, and Future Shuttle. A lot of incredible stuff to discover, so head over here and get your copy.

Below, watch the video accompanying "Everybody Dies", the compilation appearance by our favourite Scandinavian psych poppers Halasan Bazar.