El Kid “We Need Mirrors (Vessel’s Psychosis Mix)”

20 Dec 2012 — Henning Lahmann


A couple of weeks back, we wrote about Young Echo member Sam Kidel aka El Kid's forthcoming Labyrinth tape on Bristol-based tape imprint No Corner. The stellar piece is finally available now, and it comes in a bundle together with a second tape attached, a fluorescent green cassette single featuring Vessel's 'Psychosis mix' of EP standout "We Need Mirrors". The rework of Labyrinth's most upbeat track is one of Seb Gainsborough's most accomplished works to date and surely is on a par with his brilliant Order of Noise LP, a brittle piece of withdrawn yet frantic percussion supplying the background for menacing shards of sonic attack. Take a listen below.

Get the Labyrinth EP over at Boomkat now. Highly recommended.