Espher: “You Are Loved”

30 Oct 2012 — Tonje Thilesen

I once got lost in a cave in Laos. Unconciously, your mind wanders through three different phases during those few seconds you realize that you're lost, and most obvious of them all: fear. But after the first wave of fear has settled, your ears slowly adjust to the silence, desperately searching for immense sounds that might appear in the unknown space. Drips from the cave ceilings appear like bass drums in the distance, bouncing around the unstructured room, making it impossible to locate its original source. Somehow the down-pitched, musical emotion of Espher made me think of this very experience, as his beautifully atmospheric production and dry beats resembles the feeling of being lost in a labyrinth of caves. There is that, but also a shattering softness to "You Are Loved" which gives the track a soulful balance; a tense feeling of being trapped and free at the same time. You adjust your ears to analyze the location of the sound, but all that returns is endless waves of echo. We found the cave opening in the end, though.