First Listen: Casion Gardens - “Fantasies in Cools Palace”.

30 Jan 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Columbus, Ohio's Byron Ferrari (not his real name, but I dig it) has been haunting us with his Casino Gardens for a good while now, last year delivering a massively compelling tape on Beer On The Rug. This time it gets even better with Fantasies in Cools Palace, Casino Gardens' new cassette on Chicago imprint Lillerne, a superb effort that neatly combines everything we ever loved about "hypnagogic pop" - straight, untainted AM radio pop, sun-bleached late summer afternoon slacker anthems that showcase quite an amazing amount of true musical talent (albeit effectively disguised by simplistic melodic structures and arrangements), all hidden behind a thick curtain of four-track lo-fi mist that this year might start to come across as some fading shtick of 2009, yet for now it still manages to hit all the right spots with its glorious über-haziness. Good times. Fantasies in Cools Palace is out today. Order the tape (including digital download voucher) now over here. Casino Gardens - Malibu Casino Gardens - Triptych for The Teenage Alligator Meanie