Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.MT. “Windsong”

19 Nov 2012 — Matt Harris

Having already released a mightily impressive album earlier this year, which took in a range of dub rhythms, synth driven psych-kraut, blissed out noise to the post-punk-meets-italo album standout “Oh Mercy”, Minneapolis quartet Food Pyramid have announced the release of a new collaborative LP with fellow Minneapolitans and Moon Glyph label mates Roy Orb D.MT., titled Arp Navigators.

"Windsong", the first track taken from the release, is a dark brooding number comprising gloriously sinister sounding synth layers that wouldn’t feel out of place in darker, more ominous moments of a Lynch film, joined by a 4/4 motorik beat at around the minute mark which guides the listener through most of the six and a half minute sonic journey. It creates a sense of some sort of new age spirituality, but far more menacing so that it might set the scene perfectly for an apocalyptic yoga session.

Arp Navigators is released December 4 via Moon Glyph, which celebrates its 50th release with this LP.