Frenchbraid “Black Tears”

02 Jan 2013 — Will Stevens


Hailing from Mississippi, Frenchbraid is a new pop rock collaboration between producer Misha Hercules and Joshua Clark. Their only release so far is a highly emotive piece of pure pop radiating nostalgia, titled "Black Tears". Beginning with a fairly mundane opening, the track explodes into vivacity with a string of power chords circa mid 1970s. With further listens, delicate details appear including the brilliance of Hercules’ production, which reeks of a personal love affair with British Glam Rock. Frenchbraid recently performed live with Dent May and Dead Gaze, all of which share a similar angsty, emotive pop quality and all of whom come from Mississippi. Maybe there is something in the water.

Get "Black Tears" for free over at bandcamp.