Ghostandthesong: “Ou Inme”.

28 Mar 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Very worthwhile new instance of "surrealistic pop" by Berlin-based Ghostandthesong, surely one of the most interesting projects of the musical outsider scene in town right now. "Ou Inme" happily and aimlessly warbles away, built around an oddly pronounced bass part, until a supremely weird vocal sample sets in that could be in Japanese or Korean, or something entirely different. Doesn't really matter in fact as this is just a whole lot of fun, and oh yes, it also comes with chirping birds so you know that spring is here. The song's weirdness is only surpassed by this very d.i.y. video that accompanies the whole affair. Yes. "Ou Inme" is part of Ghostandthesong's Escapes EP, out now for free on Bad Panda Records.