Goodtime “Behind This Sun (Lasertom Remix)”

26 Mar 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Ever since releasing The Colours Of Darkness in late 2011, Irish project Goodtime passed the album's tunes around for everyone to play around with them. The results have largely been convincing - revisit Jape's rework of "Can't Get Away" here. Today we got another delightful artistic incursion, this time a neat manipulation of slow-burning album opener "Behind This Sun", executed by Lasertom aka Dublin-based Simon Cullen. The young producer apparently had no intention to dwell on the original's gentle melancholy, instead opting for a smooth yet funky vocal house cut in almost classic fashion, dancefloor-ready with arpeggiated synth chords and synchopated bass lines. Very nice. Apart from remixing duties, Lasertom has an album forthcoming on London's Bearfunk, due sometime later this year.

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