Stream: Gothen “s/t”

21 Oct 2013 — Trey Reis

There’s a degree of quality that you come to expect from the sound of a new, unreleased artist. Especially with the current trend of homemade, lo-fi recordings. So, it’s always unexpected to hear this level of professionalism from some Bandcamp page with only one release set and dated. It’s like seeing a shimmer, shining through the grains of sand.

Salt Lake City’s Evan Jolley creates music as Gothen, and his self-titled first album is out now. It’s the kind of release you’d expect to hear in pristine quality on some NPR music program, not quietly through computer speakers at your desk at work. His Fleet Fox(es)ian production of free flowing folk instrumentation is as clearly beautiful as anything you’d expect to hear from an entire live ensemble. It’s hard to understand the context of this kind of sound when all we get is an embed. We read so much about one person creating music as so-and-so on a 4-track in their basement or through the ease of recording software, and it makes sense. It sounds that way. Sometimes, it is part of the appeal. But where did Gothen come from?