Green & Gold vol 4.

04 May 2012 — Holly Friedlander Liddicoat

It’s been a bit unpleasantly dreary this month. Since the torrential rains have subsided and the spatter of floodings more or less evaporated, a steady and biting chill has started to settle in. Keeping inside amidst teetering towers of Uni work, avoiding all trouble with the opposite sex and watching friends succumb to extended periods of stress, is indeed, no fun at all. So, in lieu of a complete and utter mental breakdown, I’ve decided to craft a little “cheer up” mini-mix - something to plug in and turn up on those days when all your hair has fallen out, you’re lying in bed watching The Biggest Loser, devouring a block of supersized chocolate and you just don’t give a shit anymore. Rain Rider, is the immensely fitting track title for the start of this month’s Green & Gold. Local Sydneysider Osiris Glade is known for his aptly crafted, organically nurtured soundscapes, often dabbling in the sadder, softer side of things. With Rain Rider however, Osiris Glade melds his lo-fi qualities with a more up-beat tempo, still harnessing his atmospheric musings and acoustics. Osiris Glade – Rain Rider Named one of the finalists in last years Bleep Filtered competition, alongside other Melbournian Super Magic Hats, Hugo Frederick’s latest track Limber was featured on a rad little mix put out by West in Dust. Heavy bass and intricate sampling, Hugo’s work will without a doubt get you nodding your head and out of your office desk chair. You can also download his crazily energetic r’n’b remixes here. Hugo Frederick - Limber Brisbane-residing Charles Murdoch knows how to encapsulate an overwhelming sense of warmth and optimism in his sonars, a low and all encompassing fuzz mingling with underwater sounds in his newest tune Worth. A beautiful delicacy moderates this track, leaving a sweet aftertaste and a sense of peaceful longevity. Charles Murdoch – Worth A new favourite producer came onto my radar this month, that of Melbourne-based Deez, who dabbles in fun Donkey Kong samples and ridiculously cool beat-tapesWhats is a highlight from this young’n, a powerful and nurturing experience from start to finish. While this song is not instantaneously reflective of the “cheer-up” vibes I’m going for, I think the soul-shaking bass and harrowing vocals evoke all the sad memories, bringing them to the forefront, encouraging you to smile through the tears at all the good that once was and all the good that will be again. Whats - Deez Kyson is an Aussie-expat now residing in Berlin, living the dream, and producing phenomenal music when he is able. With his EP to be released soon via Moodgadget, and a brand new label Herbede Records in the works, 2012 is set to be the year for Kyson. The latest instalment in his series of bootlegs, Indian Summer soars over rhythmic sensations, a beautiful crescendo of reverberating Jónsi vocals, bridging the gap between real and ethereal. Jónsi and Alex – Indian Summer (Kyson Bootleg) Perhaps your summer is just around the corner, perhaps for others it’s just that little bit longer. Hopefully you’re dressed weather appropriately, you’re keeping well, avoiding ailments and tuning into the right musical frequencies that keep your ears happy and your head warm. Download the mixtape here.