Green & Gold vol 5.

10 Jun 2012 — Holly Friedlander Liddicoat
I’m not quite sure why exactly, but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of experimental tech/UK garage/house-infused vibes and almost everything else in between. I’m not generally a massive fan of these heavier amalgamations, although I do love a good dose of minimal tech on a cold day, as I trek through the city from place to place. There is something quite inherently soothing about a slight shift in intonation and the rejuvenating repetition that accompanies the basis of any good minimal tech. This month I’ve found I’ve taken things in a bit of a different direction to open up the doors to these genres I know very little about. Perhaps we can discover something to share together. One of my absolute favourite producers at the moment, Wabz, has been releasing a steady array of solid and transcendental-genre pieces as of late. “Sister Moon” combines the soulful and subtle elements of UK garage with distorted vocals to unleash a celestial sense of harmony. Download all of his stuff for free at his Soundcloud, and treat yourself to what I expect heaven to sound like. Wabz – Sister Moon A bunch of great collectives/labels have been popping up and planting their feet solidly in the Australian scene recently. One which has been getting me all excited is Dub Temple Records, having released a beautiful selection of quality product such as this fantastic EP from Brisbane boy Speaker Wrath. An eerie pan-flute cuts through the heavy rumblings of bass in “Ghost in the Trees”, a remanent of otherworldly physiques chasing couples through the depths of the night. Speaker Wrath – Ghost in the Trees Ex-Bon Chat, Bon Rat member Alex Murray has been taking his sound in all new directions under his brand new solo-project Gardland. Currently in Berlin (the home of inspiration), making intensely driven and forthwith beats like “Jaws” here, I am very much excited for his return and a showcase of his wares! “Jaws” was featured on the West in Dust compilation I touched on briefly for Green & Gold 4, but it’s something that I’ve kept going back to the past couple of weeks for a revitalising and invigorating splash in the face. Gardland – Jaws As the wind turns my cheeks to red with it’s lavish bite, 9 times out of 10 I will put Big Sad’s Ghost Club on and let it completely engulf me. Genuine nuances and a soft and reassuring beat emanates a sense of warmth and safety, oozing molten gold as it travels down your spine and soaks into every single muscle from front to back. April saw the release of the very fine two-track EP Missed, but it is Ghost Club that keeps calling me back in all its haunted/warming glory. Big Sad – True Worrier Kepz is a Sydney-based producer, his track “Imaginary Life” having undergone an once-over from New Yorker Enjoyyourshoes. Taking the original hard-driving techno piece, Enjoyyourshoes adds an organic element to the track, intensifying cascading synths and relying on the nature of internal reverberation. This one hits home. Kepz – Imaginary Life (Enjoyyourshoes Edit) I couldn’t just leave you with five tidbits this month, so if you download Green & Gold 5 below, you’ll also receive aural gratification from the likes of Seagram MuralsThe Blank,bærfrensbkinsman and Planète. Download the Green & Gold vol 5.