Guest Mix for Don’t Panic Berlin

12 Aug 2013 — Henning Lahmann

As you know, we occasionally recommend events happening here in Berlin that we find particularly exciting and/or relevant. However, we sure are no listings site whatsoever, so please never think of us as a reliable source for anything that's going on in Berlin's infinitely varied club scene. In fact there are other website for that sort of things, most notably Don't Panic Berlin, the local smart sister of the much bigger UK enterprise based in London. What the friendly folks of Don't Panic Berlin put up is certainly not to be missed if you want to stay relevant, so in case you live in this town, be sure to keep a close eye their recommendations.

As part of their ongoing guest mix series, they asked me to provide one, which you can now stream or download below. There's also a brief interview about NFOP which you will find over here. Enjoy.


(1) JJ “Fågelsången” (Sincerely Yours 2013)
(2) Airbird & Napolian “Special” (Cascine 2013)
(3) Jack Dixon “No One Is Watching” (Tender Hooks 2013)
(4) Paul Woolford “Untitled” (Hotflush 2013)
(5) JJ “Fågelsången” (Sincerely Yours 2013)
(6) The Haxan Cloak “Mara” (Tri Angle 2013)
(7) Interplanetary Prophets “Zero Hour” (Planet Mu 2013)
(8) Basic House “Ultra-Misted” (Digitalis 2013)
(9) Black Sites “N313P” (PAN, forthcoming 2013)
(10) DJ Ford Foster “Corridor” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(11) Wanda Group “OVERR AREA” (Cleaning Tapes 2013)
(12) Jabu “Flying (REI’s Icarus Mix)” (unreleased 2013)
(13) John Ola “bd” (No Pain In Pop 2013)
(14) Body Boys “Mute” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(15) Kahn “Cover Me” (Black Box 2013)
(16) (forthcoming)
(17) TVO “Outside the Brighton Church” (Broken20 2013)
(18) Young Echo “Slow Jam” (Ramp Recordings 2013)
(19) Special Request “Capsules (Lee Gamble Remix)” (Houndstooth 2013)
(20) Tuff Sherm & PMM “Raymond Sees the Dog” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(21) Ñaka Ñaka “004000” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(22) MM/KM “Lost in NPE2” (Trilogy Tapes 2012)
(23) Acteurs “Cloud Generating” (Public Information 2013)
(24) Helena Hauff “Micro Manifesto” (Werkdiscs 2013)

Sample Sources:

İşte AKP vahşeti Taksim’deki bu çığlığı unutmayacağız, Istanbul, 12 June 2013
President Obama’s speech in Berlin, 19 June 2013, CNN
George Zimmerman verdict, 13 July 2013
Morsi Opponents Killed in Egypt Clashes, 10 July 2013, Associated Press