Guest Post: Efterklang’s Rasmus Stolberg Recommends By the Lake Festival 2015

16 Aug 2015 — Editor

Rasmus Stolberg, member of Copenhagen veteran experimental luminaries Efterklang and Liima, is not only in charge of acclaimed radio station The Lake Radio but is also hosting and curating Berlin's By the Lake Festival, which is set to happen at the Freilichtbühne Weißensee on August 29. In anticipation of the event, Rasmus is introducing each of the performing artists. Watch videos by all of them and read his thoughts after the break. (ed.)

Find more details about the festival over here, and buy tickets here.


2:30pm Liima
4:00pm Lonnie Holley
5:30pm Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit
6:50pm Omar Souleyman
8:40pm Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit

We are absolutely thrilled to have these two gentlemen playing By The Lake. Jaki Liebezeit is of course famous for being the innovative drummer of krautrock legends Can, but this duo has a language of its own and it is a wonderful language. Burnt Friedman skilfully runs the electronic machines, Jaki Liebezeit plays the drums and together they conjure music that is captivating, foreign and totally mesmerizing.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Mariam and Andreas are married, they are good looking, they are master musicians, songwriters and performers. We’ve been fans and jealous for years.

Omar Souleyman

We are proud to have Mr. Souleyman from Syria headlining this very first edition of By The Lake. He knows how to conduct a party and he will be visiting in the wake of his brand new album Bahdeni Nami.

Lonnie Holley

Most people fall in love with the music of Lonnie Holley the minute they hear it. Just take a listen below and you might be in the same situation. Afterwards you should read up on him. An underground hero in the visual arts and now also in music.


I’m in this band together with my two band mates in Efterklang (Mads and Casper) and then the fourth member is Tatu Rönkkö, a finnish percussionist who is a dear friend and great musician, in fact I just read somewhere else on the internet that Tatu is inhumanly tight :-). We will open By The Lake with a set of entirely new music that still has to be recorded and released.