His Clancyness “I Can’t Talk About It”

06 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Ever since we've stumbled across his timeless masterpiece "Just Like Monday" back in the days when the world was still young and oh!, Transparent was still with us, Bologna's most cherished son Jonathan Clancy aka His Clanceness has had a very special place in our hearts. His debut Always Mist was absolutely marvellous, so it leaves us beaming to learn that the record's successor is on its way, set to arrive sometime next year via our friends at Splendour. In the meantime however, Jon treats us with another gorgeous cover, and we all know he's got a knack for gorgeous covers, "I Can't Talk About It", originally written and performed by El Perro Del Mar. It is another delicate and fragile affair, and before leaving you alone with these enchanting three minutes, let's listen to the master's words:

"I first heard this song a lonely night in the summer of 2006. I was lost and did not want to explain things to anyone. I dreamt about covering this song for years until I started His Clancyness and have used it to open shows always ever since. It has some of the simplest lyrics I've ever heard, also some of the deepest. Four lines, that's all you need to explain."

Thank you.