Holy Strays: “Christabell B”.

10 Jul 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Young Parisian Sebastien Forrester aka Holy Strays was one of our favorite discoveries in 2010, but since his stellar debut cassette on Not Not Fun, Hyperion, he's been relatively quiet apart from a couple of smaller releases last year, including a seven inch on the same label, a digital split single on Beko DSL, and an appearance on Hands In The Dark and Ruralfaune's excellent joint stocktaking of the contemporary French experimental/psych scene, Travel Expop Series #1. However, it seems as if he's just about to finally return in full bloom, not only heavily working on his proper debut full-length but also hitting the interwebs today with a track that is easily his best and most exciting work to date, the B-side of his upcoming 7 inch release Christabell. Simply dubbed "Christabell B" (though there appears to be an unofficial title, "Two Twins"), the piece is a five-minute killer that compellingly blends intricately constructed, footwork-indebted rhythms with eerie vocal samples and Forrester's signature style of organ and synth-driven psychedelia. Thoroughly addictive, absolutely marvelous. Christabell is out August 13 via Morning Ritual. Pre-order the 7 inch now over here. Edition of 500 on transparent vinyl.