Introducing: Green & Gold.

30 Jan 2012 — Holly Friedlander Liddicoat

We are very happy to introduce you all to Green & Gold — a new monthly column here on NFOP, curated by our friend Holly Friedlander Liddicoat of the wonderful Aussie blog East To West. Each month Holly will be giving you an exclusive insight into her newest finds and obsessions within the Australian music underground, which obviously swarms of musical gems yet to be discovered. Get lost in the land downunder below. Hi, my name’s Holly and I live on a big island in the Southern Hemisphere called Australia. It’s nice down here. Rather sunny, sometimes too sunny (yes, that is quite possible) and full of lots of strange animals, some being political leaders who are known to have donned this apparel. All in all though, it’s a beautiful place. On top of all that, we have a pretty great music scene too, especially of the experimental electronic vibe that I love to write about over at my blog East to West. As part of a monthly instalment, I’m super excited to be able to share that with you, thanks to those amazing legends Henning and Tonje behind NFOP. Kicking things off with someone who has amassed years of steady talent and a luscious beard to match, Melbourne’s Chet Faker is no amateur in the game of down-tempo beats and future sex sounds. Putting the finishing touches on his latest EP, Thinking In Textures, I thought I’d share one of my favourite Chet Faker remixes with you, that of Radiohead’s "Nude". Soft, building guitar chords, deep-seated bass, a subtle crescendo and the unmistakable yet slightly distorted croon of Thom Yorke make this track the auditory orgasm that it is. Chet Faker - North (Chet Faker minor edit) One thing, which is important to note, is that for me, Soundcloud is God’s platform to all that is divine and holy. Tired of pre-ordained social constraints of ‘what is music?’, monopolising labels and archaic avenues of music accessibility, Soundcloud provides the ability to sift through the pure honesty of people’s creations, both good and bad. It is here that you have humble insight into people’s thoughts and art, rough and raw, in their demo or self-released forms. While time consuming, I find this a pleasure and that is where many of my favourite artists come from. Everyday Average Normal Guy (previously known as Carpet Brick) is just the first example of this, this Sydneysider having released one of my favourite, most intense, soul shattering demos of 2011 "Without Shame". He hits back with this tidbit, turning up the happy meter just a notch with the ridiculous vocal sample and jittery symbol that dominates "FIENDISH". Everyday Average Normal Guy - FIENDISH A current forerunner in sophisticated and stylish beats and online releases is Melbourne’s current MVP, Flash Forest, whose latest EP, Twelve, created in just twelve days, contains five luscious tracks of beautiful proportions. Teaming up with good mate Thrupence for the delectable artwork, Sam Maguire closes out the release with this lo-fi, walking-through-a-storm-and-getting-drenched-by-the-heavens track. Flash Forest – Mauve, Roll Credits This next tune is from what I believe to be a debut EP, which made me come so completely undone on first hear, I struggled to regain limb control for at least an hour. Underwater sounds are the unifying theme, encompassing bubbling reverb and wicked vocal samples from this kid out of Queensland. Motion.Picture.Actress delivers tantalising track "Germs", inducing female vocalist Keiiko to dance intermediately over shimmering keys, restraining the two from completely aligning in an apocalyptic supernova. Motion.Picture.Actress - Germs.W/Keiiko Today, our biggest musical export comes from a South African kid we’ve adopted and called our own. Australia’s only musician signed to infamous Stones Throw Records, Jonti makes crazy technicolour acoustic-beat-teen-dreams. His latest release, a free download of old bits and pieces and reworks from his latest album Twirligig, contains this track "Flesh of Morning"; a culmination of lo-fi disco sounds and good vibes. On his ridiculous adventures, Jonti has collaborated with the likes of Marc Ronson, Hodgy Beats and Illa J. We are just so damn proud. Jonti – Flesh of Morning What this column will attempt to be is an insight into Australian music, past and present. Not past in the sense of ‘what was great in 1989’, rather an understanding of artists who continue to evolve, in sound and dimension. While it may not be their most recent release that graces these beautiful electronic pages, it will be something important and worthy enough to share with you, this newfound audience, who I wish to impart on a holistic view of genuine, hardworking, humble and innovative music which I have the pleasure of hearing every day. Download Green & Gold 1 in it's entirety here and get lost in it.