James Ferraro “Hurting”

02 Dec 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Listen to Mr James Ferraro's latest work of twisted sonic art, two-track suite Hurting, which forms the exclusive bonus download material to his Rough Trade CD edition, which arrives in early January. So far we've remained silent on the hypnagogic godfather's latest statement Sushi, which does not at all mean that we do not like it, we're simply not sure if we've properly understood it yet, or if we're missing some hidden point here, so until we think we have, we'll just shut our mouths in reverence. We're also not sure why "Hurting #2" comes first, this might also hint at some deeper meaning. Although, probably not.

Sushi is out on Hippos In Tanks. Stream it in full over here and get it physically here.