Jason Grier & Lucrecia Dalt: “Clouds”.

29 Jun 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Not sure if I entirely grasp idea and concept, but over at Open Ceremony's astro blog, you may stream and download a couple of worthwhile tracks by some very rad artists such as Puro Instinct, Outer Limitz, Part Time, and Geneva Jacuzzi, all somehow related to the zodiak signs and accompanied by some weird and cryptic words. Anyway, definitely worth checking them all out, and maybe I just don't get it and you will, whatever. Above all however, the collection includes this marvelous, super sweet duet of HEM Berlin head Jason Grier and Barcelona artist Lucrecia Dalt, whose highly recommended Commotus LP may still be streamed in full over here. "Clouds" will also appear on Grier's forthcoming full-length of the same name (that's the cover art above), which is up for pre-order now here. This is the decrypted tracklist of the "compilation": Cancer - Snow Wite: Psychedelic Days Leo - Strip Steve x Puro Instinct: Astral Projection Virgo - Totaaly Radd: Insomnia Libra - Outer Limitz: I Kontakt Scorpio - Celibacy: Crav the Grav Sagittarius - Part Time: I Wanna Take You Out Capricorn - Alex Black Ivory: Buildings Built for Us Aquarius - Geneva Jacuzzi: Dark Ages Pisces - Jason Grier x Lucrecia Dalt: Clouds Aries - BLOK: Skin Off Taurus - Softness: Pursue Gemini - Swahili Blonde: Purple Ink