JRG: “Just Because”.

30 Apr 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Philadelphia bedroom artist JRG aka Julien Rossow-Greenberg makes some pretty honest pop music based on heavily reverberated, muffled vocals and gently meandering, fuzzed-out guitars over slow burning drum machine patterns so unashamedly dreamy and solipsistic it feels strangely fallen out of time in 2012, like music from a not so distant blogosphere heyday buzz past that would've made the folks over at Transparent happy and proud back in the day, basically music like a faint memory of a time when there still was dream pop to get all excited and transparent about. Which should not speak against the music itself, in no way whatsoever: After all, this is the stuff that made us start this thing named NFOP in the first place. So get lost, get lost reminiscing my friends. "Just Because" is part of JRG's The Dreamers' EP, out on Treetop Sorbet. Get it here.