Kallisti “Michael Douglas”

12 Nov 2013 — Andrew Wagner

Kallisti is the new side project of Montreal-based d’Eon, whose music tackles the intersection of technology and spirituality. His 2012 release, LP, was a sprawling concept album that at once positioned the Internet as an alienating force and as a potential spiritual liberator. At first listen to “Michael Douglas,” the first taste of Kallisti’s forthcoming EP, Arc of Fire, it might seem as though d’Eon’s put aside his more spiritual concerns. The song is decidedly for the dancefloor, a euphoric cut that borders on becoming a sort of manic sonic candy. Yet, with a name that apparently refers to “Eris’ golden apple as presented at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis,” Kallisti might be more conceptually-geared than “Michael Douglas” initially suggests. Indeed, as the track nears its end, its rave rhythms feel as though they were about to stumble over themselves, and the dancefloor becomes a chaotic world that isn’t exactly inviting.

Stream “Michael Douglas” below. Arc of Fire is available from UNO NYC’s NORELATION imprint on November 19.