Keep Shelly In Athens “Madmen Love”

21 Feb 2013 — Parker Bruce

Keep Shelly In Athens' "Madmen Love" uses the most basic of dubstep sounds: the slow pull and swatting and crash and reverberation basically patented de rigeur 'wobble' known to us all so well now. In this way, it's similar to their 2011 song "DIY" off the Our Own Dream EP. But this dubstep doesn't aim for bombast; "Madmen Love" is in control. It features megaphone-filtered singing like Amber Coffmann's vocals on Major Lazer's "Get Free", and I remember writing about Keep Shelly in Athens' live show, mentioning how it was much more rock guitar themed than what I'd previously heard on the EP itself. The same shows up again in "Madmen Love", with its parts of straight-up hard guitar. 

"Madmen Love" is digitally out now on Cascine (get it on iTunes now) and as a limited 7" with b-side "Time Only Exists To Betray Us" on Japanese imprint Sixteen Tambourines. Keep Shelly In Athens' debut LP is set to be released this fall via Cascine.