Kool Thing: “Plan.Life.Go”.

29 Jun 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Berlin via Dublin and Sydney duo Kool Thing, consisting of Julie Chance and Jon Dark (with the help of Valentin Plessy on drums), has been floating around in the Berlin scene for a bit now already, among other things supporting Maria Minerva and MEN. This Saturday, June 30, the girls will celebrate the release of their first proper single "Plan.Life.Go" at Marie Antoinette, and if you happen to be in Berlin, you should definitely come around and join the party. Below, listen to the nicely constructed and slowly unfolding song that heads off rather harmlessly with a single guitar-based chord progression for more than three minutes before it unexpectedly turns into an immensely catchy, straightforward jam compellingly built around the girls' forceful vocals. The Plan.Life.Go 12 inch single including remixes by Irish producers REID and Toby Kaar is going to be released by Dublin-based Fatty Fatty-spinoff Laser Guided Melodies. Pre-order the vinyl now over at Clone. Check out Toby Kaar's remix of the tune as well: