Kyson “Missing Things”/“How Long”

28 Aug 2013 — Kelsie Brown

Currently living in Berlin but born/raised in Adelaide, Jian Kellet Liew makes dreamy music as Kyson. Mixing together intricate synthesizers and obscure live percussion, his sound is smooth and moving. "How Long", the first taste we got of his forthcoming debut LP The Water's Way is a silky ballad, incorporating vaguely R&B-influenced vocals over dimmed synths before building into a dreamscape. Continuing that trend, "How Long" grows slowly and numbs in the process, retaining an overall sense of familiarity and anticipation. It's a nice preview to Kyson's tendency to intoxicate listeners.

The Water's Way will be released on September 24 via Los Angeles label Friends of Friends. Listen to "Missing Things" and "How Long" below.