M/M “8 (Dub)”

25 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Under his Meadowlands moniker, Brooklyn's Michael McGregor has dropped delicate music for quite a while now, among other things his very personal Berlin reverence Music From Mainzer Straße, one of the finest pieces of ambient put out in 2012. Despite continuing to delve into the art of zoned out soundscaping, McGregor recently extended his musical ventures by initiating M/M, a project dedicated to that certain intersection of noisier realms and dancefloor tropes that is not only becoming more and more ubiquitous as of late but that also (or nevertheless?) keeps us very much excited. Last night, McGregor unveiled his latest jam "8 (Dub)", allegedly while "vibing on Olbas pastilles maximum strength herbal cough drops", and also kindly sent our way as a gift for this site's third birthday. Thanks a lot, we really like it, so take a listen:

In related news, on top of that McGregor recently dropped another Meadowlands cassette, Tri-coastal Horizons, via the excellent Portuguese imprint Exo Tapes. Sadly, the physical edition of 25 is sold out already, but maybe you can find the digital version somewhere if you look hard enough (or ask the label). It's surely worth it. Listen to EP cut "Met Éireann" below.