Michael Stasis “Venus Of Soap”

03 Jul 2015 — Ethan Jacobs

The normal progression goes something like this: an artist releases several albums, enjoys praise, and then eventually makes a greatest hits compilation. Michael Stasis, a singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, will effectively alter that progression with his upcoming Arbutus Records release RIP III. Stasis has recorded a prolific catalogue of songs over the past few years, none of which have been officially released. For that reason, RIP III will serve as an overview of Stasis' work to date and, more importantly, an official introduction to his music. Stasis' first official release covers an extensive period of his career in music, reflected in the varying styles of the songs on the record. Surf rock, psychedelia, ballads, and even a healthy dose of pop make important imprints on the slated release. Today we share with you "Venus of Soap", the first single from RIP III to be released alongside the album's announcement. The track is unhurried and gentle, exploring both psychedelia and surf rock without dipping too far into either genre. It culminates in an breezy chorus where Stasis breathily repeats, with tacit sarcasm in his voice, "Laugh it off". And momentarily, it really sounds like he is laughing at something – maybe at the "Venus of Soap" that keeps slipping out of his hands and into the drain. Check out the new track below.

RIP III is out on August 7th via Arbutus Records.