Maria Minerva “Black Magick”

05 Feb 2013 — Andrew Wagner

Maria Minerva just won’t stop putting out music. 2011 saw no less than four releases, and last year she put out both the highly underrated album, Will Happiness Find Me?, and a collaborative album with LA Vampires, The Integration. And now, we already have the first single for her forthcoming BLESS EP for 100% Silk, “Black Magick,” which sees her continuing in that whole slightly-off ’90s house vein. On display are Minerva’s abilities for simple but effective songcrafting, as she appears to be a total dance and pop connoisseur. Yet, even on her more straightforward songs, she doesn’t shy away from experimentation, and on “Black Magick”, things slowly get more and more out-of-hand as the song goes on. What starts as an addictive pop hook by the end feels slightly sickly, as Minerva’s wailing vocals loop and she repeatedly says “You’re a riddle / Every day’s a struggle.” Minerva’s genius is that the song is completely enjoyable throughout.

You can stream “Black Magick” below, and grab the rest of BLESS on April 2nd.

Also, Minerva will once again pay our wonderful city a visit on Friday, February 8th at Berghain Kantine, which we obviously won't miss, and neither should you. 
Comment below or share this link via our Facebook page to win tickets for you and a friend. More info about the event here. – the editors