Magic Fades “Eye 2 Eye” (exclusive)

31 Oct 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Last time we heard from Portland's Magic Fades was when the duo dropped their massive (and criminally overlooked) collaboration with fellow Oregonian post-internet hippie Soul Ipsum, Zirconia Reign, earlier this year. Only a few months later Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott return on their own again with follow-up full-length Push Thru, a release that's every bit as timely as Zirconia Reign. Relying on their signature tropes of glossy hyper-R'n'B, the music sometimes gets eerily close to what's actually hot on top-40 stations in the United States. The stellar "Eye 2 Eye" is a case in point: channelled through painfully crisp autotune, no one would probably notice if someone dropped this after any other generic pop tune. Which has to be intentional. Too sleek to be completely taken seriously yet too aware and crafty to be brushed aside, Magic Fades again fuck with our expectations regaring "underground" pop in the second decade of the 21st century: too post to analyse.

Push Thru is out November 25 via 1080p.