Mister Lies & Different Sleep: “Safety Net (feat. Jessica Blanchet)”.

29 Mar 2012 — Jesse Thompson
On May 8th Absent Fever, the free digital release label/music collective started by Eloise of verb/re/verb and Tyler of Flashlight Tag, will be releasing a collaborative EP with the Chicago-based producers, Mister LiesDifferent Sleep. "Safety Net (feat. Jessica Blanchet)" is the lead single off the upcoming EP. The song possesses that sleepily elated sort of feeling that follows two lovers from a long night on the dance floor to the bedroom. A steady 4/4 kick buried deep beneath the pillow then mattress then floor carries the listener past the halfway point before the rapidly panning synth takes control. Call it Ambient Gospel, Chicago Bass, or Dream House, it's a great listen that will swallow you up, particularly on headphones.