Mix: -8° Celcius

30 Oct 2012 — Tonje Thilesen

In courtesy of Henning's retrospect on the future of pop music, Michael McGregor gave us an excellent mix with thoughtful picks from the many different sounds of pop we're surrounded by, everything from Teebs to its more contemporary form of art, be it relevant to the changing season or not. 2012 is the year of futuristic pop music in all its unique outfits, but most importantly the electronic kind, from the atmospheric to the static, footwork or UK garage; the club music is back and we know it so well.

This mix contains a bit of everything from the massive melting pot: our brilliant friends Kuhrye-oo and Born Gold, Helsinki's Albert Swarm, Offshore, Actress, Dublin electronic representative Faws, and of course our personal 2012 obsession Unknown. It is also a direct tribute to the french record label BYRSLF, which I would personally name as the most influential electronic label throughout this year, with recent releases such as PEDRO123, Seapoint and the very amazing Umba, who also received a mind-boggling remix by Unknown To The Unknown; one of Cecil Frena (Born Gold)'s biggest influences on his newest album Litle Sleepwalker. The young electronic ambient producer Even Ireland is also worth a mention,  whose self-release Ten Songs About The Last Six Months is definitely worth a a proper listen, whatever you may or may not mean about his originality.

And to our friends in New York: enjoy this one and stay safe. 


0:40 -  Ryan Vail - Heartbeat (Unknown Remix) (+ sample Julia Holter - Moni Mon Amie intro)
5:00 - Evan Ireland - Potential 
8:40 - Kuhrye-oo - For The Fame II
12:30 - Faws - Fuck It (+ intro sample of The Radio Dept - Heaven's On Fire)
16:40 - Albert Swarm - He Took A Deep Breath
20:00 - Offshore - Summer Hits (+ sample of Traxman - Let There Be Rockkkkk)
23:15 - PEDRO123 - Oh (original mix)
27:00 - Acress - RIP (1/2)
28:00 - Umba - Acid Rain
33:45 - Born Gold - Lethe
36:40 - Seapoint - Unknown Ruins
Outro: fragment of How To Dress Well - When I Was In Trouble