Mix: Evian Christ “No Experiences” for Fortyounce London

08 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

UK producer Joshua Leary aka Evian Christ, who recently showed up at Berghain for a very convincing first Berlin live performance, has a knack for unusually strong and original mixes, a fact that has already been proven this year with his works for Mary Anne Hobbes and especially Dummy. Today, NFOP is happy to premiere Leary's next piece that he's made exclusively for über-rad London fashion label Fortyounce Clothing. "No Experiences" is another brief yet breathtaking reminder of his wide-ranging taste and knowledge in modern music and his outstanding musicality, a quality that not all that often shows in mixes. It is a seamless, pleasantly slow-burning and downbeat twenty-minute contemplation that features zeitgeist-y NFOP favourites such as Vessel, Wanda Group and 1991 but also a version of Arclight's "Holographic" by Evian Christ himself that we think we haven't seen anywhere else so far (we might be wrong though), and a beautiful closer by the great Julianna Barwick.

You may strean the mix below and will be able to download it through the Forty Ounce website.


arclight - holographic (evian christ version)
wanda group - a warm perspective on a liner
vessel - lache
steve peters + steve roden - fade away within
1991 - domination translates directly into efficiency
weit draussen - durch!
julianna barwick - bode