Mix: Love Cult “Things Are Worse in Russia” (Exclusive)

27 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia duo Love Cult aka Anya Kuts and Ivan Afanasyev - who also run the sick tape label Full Of Nothing and who had already been featured on this website sometime last year - dropped their LP Fingers Crossed yesterday via our favourite label Public Information, and Boomkat has correctly named it "album of the week". To celebrate the massive blend of pitch-black drones and post-ironic noise assaults, the two have assembled the charmingly entitled mix Things Are Worse in Russia, a superb hour-long exploration into homegrown folk and electronics as well as everything from Slowdive to The Beach Boys, closing with an exclusive remix of album track "Lulling Demons to Sleep" by Public Information fellow Austin Cesear. Here's what the duo has to say about it:

Be still, we're trying to grasp something here. Never mind the coos and interruptions. These are tunes frost-bitten and sun-warped. Some may save lives and break hearts - exactly what one needs for the coming winter. Snow falls steadily in Karelia, we have our collars all the way up. Black nights filled with editing and manipulating, coffee, zombie flicks. Some in-the-red tones for courage, a couple of laid-back breakdowns for soothing. Have you heard "Fingers Crossed"? 3 years of Love Cult: crude visions, new honesty, strange beliefs and sonic quests. Togetherness. As things seesaw back and forth, no drugs are needed. The winter is here to stay, get in the loop. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Fingers Crossed is now out on Public Information. Get it over here.


I. Sam Mayo - Things Are Worse in Russia
II. Кино - Следи за собой [Thomas Brinkmann "Pass Auf Dich Auf" Remix]
III. Мох - А я?
IV. Black Dice - Live Loop
V. Ignatz - Eager Eyed
VI. Savant - The Neo-Realist
VII. Wolfsheim - Lovesong
VIII. James Ferraro - Steel Escape
IX. ADD - Ju Tu
X. Kool A.D. - Power/Refinement Knowledge
XI. Уроборос - Наши призраки [Private Edit]
XII. Slowdive - Trellisaze
XIII. SCSI-9 - Ich Kann Nicht Anders
XIV. Pye Corner Audio - Recrypt
XV. Swans - You Know Everything [Reprise 1991]
XVI. The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do
XVII. Янка - Я повторяю 10 раз и снова
XVIII. The Low Frequency in Stereo - Man Don't Walk
XIX. Death in June - She Said Destroy
XX. Woodpecker Wooliams - Crow
XXI. Psychic TV - This Is The Final War
XXII. Broadcast - Microtronics 16
XXIII. William Basinski - Untitled
XXIV. Love Cult - Lulling Demons to Dub [Austin Cesear Remix]

Listen to samples from Fingers Crossed and watch a video edit for closing track "Place To Get Lost In" below.