Moon Glyph: “2011 Sampler”.

28 Jul 2011 — Henning Lahmann
Steve Rosborough of our favorite Minneapolis, Minnesota-based psych imprint Moon Glyph has made available for free download that incredible digital sampler of new and unreleased tracks he had given away at Pitchfork's music festival two weeks ago. It features a delightful compilation of established Moon Glyph fellows such as Velvet Davenport, Food Pyramid, or Lee Noble, as well as a bunch of other exciting artists that appear to be new additions to the impeccable roster, most notably the great Xander Harris. Read the fine label profile over in the Zones and don't forget to download the whole thing right here. In related news, Velvet Davenport's Parker Sprout will be back in Europe soon, with a show in Berlin hopefully sometime in October (we're working on that). Velvet Davenport - Weather Xander Harris - Redemption In Blood