New Junior Low: Almost Forever.

31 Dec 2010 — Henning Lahmann
In the last two years, there has been a lot of talking about shoegaze's resurrection, and a lot of new and emerging artists have clearly been building their sound on the heritage of My Bloody Valentine et al. Still, few have ever attempted to stay as true to the spirit of the original as Colorado Springs, Colorado resident Justin Thomas Schweitzer. When he is not busy playing for Tim Perry's pretty popular (and NFOP fav) garage pop outfit Weed Diamond, JT is all about pedal effects with his solo endeavor Junior Low, producing distorted guitar gorgeousness that is heavily drenched in reverb, music that has the aim, despite an undeniable pop appeal, to blow you away with its rolling tide of noise and sheer loudness. Bloodlust is the latest example of JT's approach, six minutes of genuine shoegaze classicism. The tune is gonna be part of Junior Low's upcoming cassette Almost Forever, to be released sometime soon - probably via our friends at Bridgetown who had already dropped the appropriately titled Heavy CDr earlier in 2010. The other song, Shadow Corner, which has already appeared on Junior Low's self-titled debut tape on Leftist Nautical Antiques and will supposedly be a part of Almost Forever as well, serves as a breathtaking example of JT's skills as a songwriter - Shadow Corner is a slow-burning ballad of stunning beauty, with a warm and gently clipping electric piano that first the characteristic layers of distorted guitars and then survives the wall of sound's collapse towards the song's ending, giving the song a very unique feel. Junior Low may have been one of the most overlooked artists of the shoegaze revival, but considering the fact that he without doubt is one of the most talented devotees of late 80s/early 90s indie, we may hope that with Almost Forever, this will change in 2011. (Photo) Junior Low - Bloodlust Junior Low - Shadow Corner