New Zero Kanada: Jay Holy “Skeletor EP”

29 May 2013 — Silent Shout

Jay Holy's Skeletor EP conjures an alternate reality where He-Man's nemesis started listening to John Maus and, well, learned how to chill out. He worked out his maniacal urges out through music, instead of remaining fixated on Castle Grayskull and universal domination.

Jay Holy is a brand new Toronto project (whose live incarnation includes Devan Boomen on keyboards), and already reveals a mastery of psychedelic electronic pop. It bursts forth with "Skeletons," a brilliant pop single, reminiscent of Ariel Pink and the 13th Floor Elevators ending with supervillainous laughter (perhaps of the titular villain). The rest of the record is just as strong, walking that line between psych-rock and electropop, hearkening to nostalgic sounds while creating something unmistakably of the blog age. Jay's attention to detail and many memorable hooks means every listen reveals just a little bit more of his madness. Highly recommended.

The Skeletor EP is available as a free download or on cassette from Bandcamp.